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These are a few of the most frequently asked questions at Van Til Chiropractic. If you have additional questions or need more information about any of the questions listed here, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to answer any of your questions!

If I was in an auto or work accident do you charge me?

No.  We will get a hold of the insurance company so we can make sure the responsible insurance company takes care of your bill.  We will wait for the case to close for our payment.  The responsible party from the accident is also responsible to get you to pre-accident status.  If the other person was at fault they are responsible to fix you.  If you are the responsible party your insurance will pay for your care.  Remember, this is what you have insurance for.  If it is not turned into the insurance you can still come in, we won't tell them if you don't want, but that is what they are there for.

If there is any financial responsibility that you have we will let you know right away.  We have to wait years sometimes for our money and that is ok with us.  Getting you fixed comes first.

Do I need a referral from my MD to see a chiropractor?

No, in the state of IL and most others a chiropractor is a primary care doctor.  That means when we do a thorough exam and come up with a treatment plan you insurance will follow that.  If for some reason they need more information we can pass that along.  The coverage will be reviewed with you within the first couple of visits.

Can people get addicted to chiropractic care?

This question can be answered with a question.  If someone goes to the gym and they achieve an improvement in health, they usually desire to keep that state of health, right?  Chiropractic care allows someone to achieve a state of greater wellness and people often times choose to continue their care for an extended period of time.  In summary, NO, chiropractic care is not addictive.  But feeling GREAT is! 

Can babies and kids be adjusted?

Yes.  The birthing process can be traumatic for both the mother and the child. From birth, children are bouncing off of their parent’s shoulders→ bouncing off of walls→ jumping off of furniture.  All of these events can cause their bodies to sustain minor injuries that can cause long term negative effects.  Chiropractic can identify and remove these problems before they ever create or cause symptoms. 

Can pregnant women and new moms be adjusted?

Yes, pregnant women are constantly going through changes in their body that they were not dealing with even days earlier.  Chiropractic care will evaluate and give the best possible treatment plan for a woman who is going through hip shifts, change in posture, and altered balance.  Not to mention all the pressures that is going on in both her abdomen and low back.  Dr. Van Til has taken extensive post graduate course work in order to give the best care possible to all pregnant patients  Dr Van Til has gone to the hospital, to homes, and had newborns with their mothers come in days after birth. The birthing process is traumatic for both the mother and the child. She needs to get her hips back into position over the next day’s/months. The sooner she gets adjusted the better for her recovery. As for the child, if there are any abnormalities found the faster they are identified the sooner and the better for the child to be evaluated and treated..  

What is the cracking sound that you hear when you get adjusted?

The noise that you hear is a small release of nitrogen gas.  There are capsules around the joint and those can become swollen and inflamed.  When that happens to a joint that is then adjusted the gas is released like bubble wrap popping, and just as harmless.

What does it take to become a Doctor of Chiropractic?

The schooling that Dr. Van Til received starts with a minimum of 90 credit hours of the pre-requisite course work that includes general education classes all the way to organic chemistry.  When those are complete you can begin at a chiropractic school that will take ten (10) semesters to complete.  So, yes it is a Doctorate degree and depending on how aggressive or casual you go after it, it takes 8 years of college.

How does chiropractic help make and keep you healthier?

Chiropractic is a vitalistic approach.  Vitalistic approach means that the body will take care of itself if it is able to.  Through chiropractic we work at helping restore the body’s natural function.  The better your body functions the healthier you will be.

When should I use ice vs. heat?

There are two main categories of a situation.  Acute and chronic.

Acute means anything that is within 72 hours of an injury as a general rule.  This situation requires ice to help keep the inflammation under control.

Chronic would be anything past that 72 hour mark and then calls for heat.  A moist heat should be used when possible to help the heat be as effective as it can be.

With either one I recommend 10 minutes per each hour.

Does Medicare cover chiropractic?

Yes, Medicare does cover Chiropractic. We are a participating provider with Medicare so Medicare will cover the adjustment portion of your care in this office. However, if there is an examination, x-rays or therapy needed, which are not considered Chiropractic treatments by the codes submitted to Medicare, there may be fees that are not covered at this point by Medicare. Those charges will be disclosed in advance if there are charges that are not taken care of by Medicare. If there is a secondary insurance, typically, they base their coverage on what Medicare covers. If someone needs an adjustment, Medicare covers the adjustment portion of the treatment and typically the secondary covers the rest.

Why is chiropractic different than other health care professions?

It is different because most health care professions react to a certain situation, disease or symptom.  Chiropractic can be a very effective tool to treat symptoms as well but in an indirect manner.  The body has the power to heal itself and chiropractic care helps the body do that!!!  Also it can help maintain a healthier level of living and decrease the chances of getting sick all together.

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