Van Til Chiropractic

Adjustment Techniques

Dr. Van Til uses a number of adjustment techniques based on what he has had the most success with. The primary techniques he uses are Palmer, Diversified and Thompson drop. He also uses the Gonstead method and an Activator for a number of situations. The technique varies with the region of the spine being adjusted and the patients’ specific situation.

Staff at Van Til ChiropracticThough there are a number of chiropractic adjustment styles, we would like you to know that your comfort level with getting adjusted here is very important to us. While these are the most common adjustments techniques used by Dr. Van Til, if there is something in particular you are looking for, or want to stay away from, please let us know.

Most of Dr. Van Til's adjusting is done with the patient lying down on a table. For neck (cervical) adjustments, the patient lays on his back. For mid-back (thoracic) adjustments, the patient lays on his back or side. For low-back (lumbar) adjustments, the patient is most often on one of his sides; however, Dr. Van Til occasionally adjusts the low-back with the patient on his stomach or seated.