Van Til Chiropractic

Written by Rich Van Til, D.C.

TMJ Explained...

A lot of people know what TMJ is (the jaw joint) but not many know what TMJ stands for, which is "Temporo Mandibular Joint." Obviously, with that being said, you now know that TMJ refers to a joint and most everyone knows that joints move. So, in theory, your Temporo Mandibular Joint should be able to move (as long as while you are reading this your jaw is not wired shut).  When people have issues with TMJ it can cause an annoying noise and pain in the jaw. Sometimes, TMJ issues can lead to other problems that one might not see as related, such as headaches or neck tension.

Chiropractic & TMJ Explained...

The TMJ joint can have less than ideal movement, a clicking sound or even get stuck.  All of these are treatable in most scenarios with chiropractic care.  

Van Til Chiropractic & TMJ Explained...

When it comes down to it, Dr. Van Til will simply examine your jaw and see how far your TMJ has progressed to determine what help can be provided in our office. Some loud "clunks" have done well here while some slight "clicks" have been a struggle. This is why each case is individually evaluated. At Van Til Chiropractic, TMJ treatment is done with a slight pressure applied by Dr. Van Til, either manually or by using an Activator (a rubber-tipped tool that is used to apply a small amount of pressure). Patients rarely experience discomfort from TMJ treatments, but the benefits can be great! Contact us today to see how we can help you!