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Chiropractic AFTER back surgery
Written by Dianna K.
You might be concerned like I was--can I see a chiropractor after back surgery?
I have struggled with my lower back going out on me my whole life. At times I would be out of commission for weeks. I was afraid to get any kind of help, thinking that doctors would either make it worse or else send me to the OR. Both of these possibilities I feared greatly. 

When I rested for a couple weeks usually the pain would go away as long as I restricted my activities. On vacation I was enjoying myself and my family. I was walking along the beach with my young daughter in my arms when i saw a shell and bent down to retrieve it. POP! It was all over. I couldn't straighten out; I could barely walk let alone drive the 14 hours back to IL. I cried out in pain. Somehow I bared the 14 hour drive back to IL. I attempted to rest when i arrived home.

After six weeks of being literally bed ridden I went to RUSH hospital in Chicago and of course they said surgery was the only way. I was SO DESPERATE I went right away and had it done. After healing I resumed my normal life. However a similar ache surfaced about a year after surgery. I was sick over it. I knew surgery wouldn’t fix me forever but I thought I’d last more than a year. I found myself restricting the physical things i enjoyed AGAIN. I bore with my ticking time bomb for another year.

Two years after the surgery I found out I was pregnant. How could my body handle a pregnancy at 45?! I thought again of Chiropractic care. Would it help? How COULD it help? The only thing that helped was staying still--the Chiropractor was going to get me MOVING. I was terrified and uneducated as to IF I could even go to a chiropractor after back surgery let alone during pregnancy. I had to do something though, proactive--instead of waiting for an inevitable episode.

I went to Van Til Chiropractic very skeptical--terrified even. Doing nothing to help myself was becoming as equally terrifying. I explained to Dr. Rich that I didn't like my neck cracked or lower back...you might be wondering then how would Dr. Rich work on me?! I wondered the same thing--however, he found ways to work with my body and build confidence in my mind toward Chiropractic. We did light adjustments at first accompanied by “stretching homework”. He listened to me and didn't force the treatments I was uncomfortable with. Dr. Rich adjusted me all through my pregnancy making a surprise pregnancy at 45 years old the BEST pregnancy I have ever had.

Chiropractic is the best, proactive thing I could of done for my health. I don't worry about being bed ridden for 6 weeks anymore. I still have my ups and downs occasional aches but after a visit to Van Til Chiropractic I feel free again. Thank you so much for giving me confidence in my body and allowing me to be there every day for my kids!