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A Blessing I Didn't Think I Would Get
Written by Heather R.
How to make a long story short?

My son Benjamin had Colic, or something that presented with some symptoms but not all of Colic. Pediatricians tried everything. Nothing worked. He cried 24 hours a day, the only solace was in my arms. My body ached. I cried all day. I couldn't make him better. I was breastfeeding because I knew it was the best for him, but being up 5 or 6 times a night was destroying my back, my whole body and not to mention all aspects of emotional well being. I was a wreck. No one wanted to be around. I went 8 weeks with it. I didn't know there was a cure.

I went to my second La Leche League meeting at VanTil Chiro, where Dr. Rich opens his doors for our meetings. After nearly crying to the ladies about my situation (which couldn't be witnessed, because I was holding him the whole time-thus, he was happy) they told me to ask Dr. Rich if he could help. He was open and honest, saying that there's a lot of success with it, but some babies, just want their mother. So he set me up with Benjamin's first apt the first available time. Benjamin was 2 months when I brought him. After 2 appointments, he let me put him down for over an hour at a time.

It was beyond a miracle. Now, 2 months later, with intermittent appointments, Benjamin is the Blessing that God meant him to be. Don't get me wrong, we have our ups and downs (teething anyone?) but as soon as he sees the Dr. all is well again! He even smiles at the sight of him, as if he knows that Dr. Rich makes him well! As for me, I started seeing him a month after Benjamin. I was falling into depression, gaining weight, and my body ached from 8 weeks of carrying a child in my arms, not to metion the 38 weeks of pregnancy. I myself was in horrible condition.

One month later, I've lost weight, my depression is more like a bad hair day sort-of-mood when it strikes, and my body feels like an asset, not a burden to lug around. Headaches are rare, he's teaching me natural ways of healing myself, where western medicine did nothing for me. When he doesn't have an answer he refers me to people who do. Never makes up an answer.

I would recommend everyone to see him. Bring your whole family (even your newborns, the day the come home from the hospital!). I've refered everyone I know. I love them and want them to be well as I am now. Dr. Rich- You're the biggest blessing I could've asked for. Thank you for your patience with a worrisome mother.

Thank you for healing my family. Heather R

PS- Your staff is amazing! Helpful, and cheerful. Making my days wonderful!