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Treated Like Family
Written by Val K.

I have been going to Dr Rich for over a year now but have been seeing a chriopractor for many years. I love the whole enviroment at the office. You are treated like family. All the office girls are GREAT!!!! I love the way Dr Rich takes his time with you and really listens to you. My whole family has started seeing him as well and he is GREAT with kids. One of my daughters was 2 and not running like she should be. With her 1st adjustment she was like a new child! For about 2 hours after she ran and jumped like crazy. He also did wonders with her acid reflux problem. Since seeing him she has been able to go off her medication for her reflux. I could go on forever on how great this office is but you really need to see for yourself!!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!

I Have a Life!!!
Written by Dianna C.

When I started going to Dr. Rich in January 2011, I was in pain every single day.  All I could do is sit in a chair or lay in bed.  I didn’t have much of a life.  Right away I started feeling more energetic, and my mind was clearer.  Dr. Rich said that I had a lot of damage, but if I would stick with the program, eventually my body would respond.  IT DID!!!  Sometime in May I realized that I wasn’t in pain anymore.  I feel so good that I volunteer a few times a week, garden, walk the dog – I have a life!!!  I still go for (much needed) adjustments every two weeks to keep everything aligned.  I FEEL GREAT!!!


Thanks Dr. Rich – We Love You!!!

Baby with Reflux
Written by Beth P.

Our son struggled with reflux from as early on as I can remember. He started medication at 6 weeks old. Every feeding involved screaming, gagging, and coughing followed by spitting up that would never seem to end. Sleeping was hit or miss-some nights it would take up to 2 hours for us to get him to fall asleep. He was up often in the middle of the night and it was just exhausting. At about 6 months old, the pediatrician was about to refer us to a GI to get a script for an adult dose of medication.

Best Chiroprator in the World!
Written by Debbie S.

I was having a lot of trouble standing for 5 to 10 minutes and being a nurse that is not good. I went to Dr. Rich and I can now complete my job duties with little to no pain. He is a very thorough and consciencous Dr. I thinks he is great!

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