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Chiropractic AFTER back surgery
Written by Dianna K.
You might be concerned like I was--can I see a chiropractor after back surgery?
I have struggled with my lower back going out on me my whole life. At times I would be out of commission for weeks. I was afraid to get any kind of help, thinking that doctors would either make it worse or else send me to the OR. Both of these possibilities I feared greatly. 
A Blessing I Didn't Think I Would Get
Written by Heather R.
How to make a long story short?

My son Benjamin had Colic, or something that presented with some symptoms but not all of Colic. Pediatricians tried everything. Nothing worked. He cried 24 hours a day, the only solace was in my arms. My body ached. I cried all day. I couldn't make him better. I was breastfeeding because I knew it was the best for him, but being up 5 or 6 times a night was destroying my back, my whole body and not to mention all aspects of emotional well being. I was a wreck. No one wanted to be around. I went 8 weeks with it. I didn't know there was a cure.
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